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1Finish check Проверка favicon for site https://manatego.comhttps://manatego.com2018-08-26 18:42:202018-08-26 18:42:25
2Not executed Site still in download progress.https://manatego.com2018-08-26 18:42:25(not set)
3All checks for set in queuehttps://manatego.com2018-08-26 18:42:08(not set)
4Site added https://manatego.comhttps://manatego.com2018-08-26 18:42:05(not set)
5Finish check Проверка favicon for site https://sipius.comhttps://sipius.com2018-05-25 11:22:162018-05-25 12:20:14
6Finish check Размер страниц for site geleos.netgeleos.net2018-05-25 11:23:272018-05-25 11:32:08
7Site successfully downloadedgeleos.net2018-05-25 11:22:012018-05-25 11:32:01
8Site successfully downloadedhttps://sipius.com2018-05-25 11:26:012018-05-25 11:26:02
9Not executed Site still in download progress.geleos.net2018-05-25 11:24:022018-05-25 11:24:36
10Site added geleos.netgeleos.net2018-05-25 11:21:442018-05-25 11:24:35
11All checks for set in queuegeleos.net2018-05-25 11:21:462018-05-25 11:24:35
12All checks for set in queuehttps://sipius.com2018-05-25 11:22:04(not set)
13Site added https://sipius.comhttps://sipius.com2018-05-25 11:22:01(not set)
14Site will be reload(not set)2018-05-25 11:21:44(not set)
15Checks 32_ not found(not set)2018-05-17 20:06:27(not set)
16Checks 27_ not found(not set)2018-05-17 20:05:47(not set)
17Checks 27_ not found(not set)2018-05-17 20:05:40(not set)
18Checks 13_ not found(not set)2018-05-17 20:05:32(not set)
19Checks 9_ not found(not set)2018-05-17 20:05:17(not set)
20Finish check Поиск страниц с нерабочими ссылками (404) for site 20:01:452018-05-17 20:04:30